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    oracle11gr2安装hard limit错误解决


    1.hard limit错误

    Hard Limit: maximum open file descriptors – 

    This is a prerequisite condition to test 

    whether the hard limit for “maximum open file descriptors” is set to at least 65536.

    Expected Value


    Actual Value




    PRVF-4354 : Proper hard limit for resource “maximum open file descriptors” not found 


    on node “wwwdb3” [Expected = “65536” ; Found = “4096”] ?- Cause:? 

    Hard limit for the resource does not meet the requirement on the specified node. 

    ?- Action:? Modify the resource limits to meet the requirement. 



    修改.profile文件 将ulimit -n 65536 并且这个设置只能在首次登陆时指定 之后的修改只能够减少 不能够增加


    bash中 配置文件是.profile 重载使用. .profile


    csh中 配置文件是.cshrc 重载使用source .cshrc

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